Already Into April

1 aa snowIt’s still coming down.  We are all getting fed up with it.

1 bc chickdee



2 squirrelI took local friends, Christine and Jeannie, up onto the north bluffs.

3 ChristineChristine Peters is the author of “The Lure of the Chilcotin.”  I have just re-read it.  She and partner came from New York to join the hippy movement on the Chilcotin in the late 60s.  It’s amazing that they survived!  It is a very different story from the usual Chilcotin tale – tripping out on acid and amanita mushrooms – but survive they did and many now live solid and worthy lives in the area.  Christine plays the piano in church.  The book is well written.  Christine has no internet so if anyone is interested in it, you can either order it via Amazon or let me know and I’ll pass on her phone number.

Jeannie took this photo of Christine and myself.  I really must get a new scarf.  And a new coat.

Christine PetersChristine and Jeannie on the spider tree.  (Jeannie was an American hippy, too, although her family did not use drugs.  Jeannie is our librarian.)

5 Spider treeAnd then, that evening, the sun shone!  First time in about 2 weeks.

6 sunshine!What a contrast!

8 eveningYesterday was absolutely spectacular.

9 sunriseI set off hiking with my coat tied around my middle – and had to strip off my sweater as well.

10 perkins peak



11 Finger PeakThe dogs found it so hot they had to hunt for snow patches to sit on.

Badger and HarryBut today is gloomy and grey again.  However, that one warm day presaged a great movement of birds.

About half the blackbirds have gone. On the way to the P O at Nimpo this morning, I saw the first bluebird.  By my cabin, a ruffed grouse made his little motor noise with his wings.  Robins have been singing. (I couldn’t get a photo so here is a drawing I did as an illustration for “A Mountain Year.”)

12 robinSpring is certainly trying but it’s sure dragging its heels.  There has never been so much ice on the rivers so late.  I expect the lakes will go out very late, too.


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3 thoughts on “Already Into April”

  1. Please add me to your list to inform me of a new post on your blog.
    Will also be emailing you re: a possible visit this summer.

  2. Hope better spring like weather has arrived on the Chilcotin. We have been able to do a little outside work just lately. But the weatherman is predicting snow tomorrow!

    I have Christine’s book and enjoyed it very much.

  3. Picked up your Snowshoes & Spotted Dick while traveling through Whistler. Brought it home to our Wisconsin Farm and whiled away the frigid cold evenings enjoying a chapter; when there was time. Hope you are starting to see spring. our daylilies and crocuses are out of the ground.

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