Nuk Tessli Guided Tour

Nuk Tessli 196I mentioned earlier that the new owner of Nuk Tessli, Doron Erel, has asked me to guide a trip.  Finally it is up on the Nuk Tessli website!

I have still not fully recovered from the knee replacement but I am no lamer than I was before the operation so I should be able to cover the ground adequately.  My expertise of course is the alpine plants.

paintbrushIf anyone desires a more energetic experience, then Doron will do the guiding.

53Now is the chance for all those who said  “I wish I could have visited while you were still there.”  Doron has made all sorts of improvements like a hot tub and showers: he is also a great cook so it should be a lot of fun.

If you are interested, you can either contact me via my contact form or apply directly through the Nuk Tessli site.

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