Springtime in January

1 thawing snowI have been slow to add another post.  I am still working very hard on the manuscript.  Now I have a whole pile of pictures to put up!

The weather has been unbelievable.  We’ve had a lot of gorgeous sunshine – a bit of frost in the morning, but sunny and windless in the afternoon, which made it hot enough to sit on the deck.

Snow still lies in a few shady places.  It is more like April!  But because the sun is lower down, it is thawing the snow in a different pattern than it does in the (real!) spring.  It is fun to get right down into it.

2 thawing snow



3 rock cress



4 thawing snowOn many mornings there has been a bit of cloud and we have had amazing sunrises.

5 sunriseAlthough the sunrise point is starting to move north quite quickly now, it still comes up over the pond and is reflected in the glassy, frozen surface.

6 sunrise in iceThat morning, a bit of cloud streaked the sky behind Finger Peak.

7 Finger PeakBut then the cloud disappeared and the light on the mountains was strong.

8 middle mtThe nights got a bit cooler (about minus 12 C) and this tightened up the creek.  You can see where the water level had been before.

9 ice in creekBecause of the warmer water, fantastic ice crystals were created.

10 ice inc reek



11 ice in creek



12 ice crystalsYesterday, we had 2″ fluffy snow!

12 a snow!At first, there was fog on the mountains.

13 fogFinger Peak has just its nose showing.

14 fogThe fog crept up to the house and put crystals on the trees.

15 fog in treesA beautiful light appeared on the mountains.

16 light on treesThe fog started to lift.

16a fog liftingPerkins Peak was soft with fresh snow.

17 Perkins PeakMiddle Mountain tossed its cap into the sky.

18 middle mtNeedless to say, I could not stay inside and work on the manuscript on such a beautiful day.  I hiked up onto the north bluff.

19 Harry



20 bluffThe sky was full of character.

21 skyThe clouds began to disperse.  Close to the sun, some of them had rainbow colours.  This effect is caused because the cloud is composed of ice crystals.  I even see it in summer sometimes.

22 rainbow cloudJanuary is all but over and the sun is now soaring high over Finger Peak before it sets.

22a sun over Finger PeakAnd last night, the temperature dropped to minus 30 C.

When it got that cold in early December, I was visited by a junco.  It disappeared as soon as it got warm.  This morning, 4 juncos were pecking at the ground.  And one lone robin has come to the house – the ones I saw earlier were all in the bush.  This is surely not the kind of weather it is used to.  It is eating juniper berries.  I wonder if it will be able to move to a kinder climate, or succumb to the cold.  This cold, sunny weather is supposed to last for at least a week.

23 Minus 30 robin



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4 Responses to Springtime in January

  1. Margaret says:

    What a beautiful series! Enjoyed every one.
    The photos show something feels different now that January
    has passed?

    And I got to meet Harry. Had not seen him or known his name.
    How is Ruby?

    The photos are a treat. Thanks!

  2. Betty says:

    I, too, love the rainbow cloud. I haven’t ever seen one. So pretty. I’m not sure what it looks like to me. I believe I see a dragon’s head to the left and perhaps an arrow or spear to the mid left.
    The ice crystals are fascinating! I can’t believe how they are formed and squared off and the same as one another. So very brilliant in design – as is everything in nature.
    I hope the little robin remains O.K. for the duration of winter. So brave and such a trooper to keep trying to survive.
    Wonderful picture of your dog (Harry) I think?
    And, lastly, how is Ruby doing?

  3. Barbara says:

    so many beautiful images!
    the rainbow cloud looks like a horse prancing off to the right
    (year of the horse)
    love the mountains and your dog , beautifully composed
    Barbara recently posted…Rabbits, Light and…My Profile

  4. Sue G says:

    beautiful pictures yet again Chris, I especially love the rainbow coloured cloud, never seen one of those before. Very strange weather we’re having, we were predicted to have the coldest winter for several years a while back … so far it’s been the warmest and wettest ever! Even the birds are staying away from our feeders most of the time because presumably they are stuffed and don’t need supplementary food. I wonder if we shall get a short sharp shock yet?

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