Swimming with Grizzlies in the Atnarko River

After unloading the firewood, we were very hot so Katie and Dennis proposed a swim a little way up the Atnarko River from their place.  It was a beautiful spot: looking downriver.

looking down the Atnarko River

looking up the Atnarko RiverIn the middle of the above picture, towards the right, is a reddish rock.  We could see the spawning salmon wriggling upstream.

spawning salmonRight where we stood were some interesting rock pools

rook pools on the Atnarko RiverKatie and Lily decided to brave the current and swim across.

Katie and LilyThey examined bear tracks on the little beach.

6. Examining bear tracksSuddenly Dennis (who had stayed on my side of the river) yelled for them to come back at once.  A bear was walking swiftly towards them.  It was hard for Katie and Lily to hear over the noise of the current but they finally understood and made it back just as the bear came to where they had been.  It was medium size, so a young male or large female.

glimpse of the grizzlyShortly, the bear came out into the open.  He /she knew we were about, because he looked towards us and sniffed with his nose.  Bears can smell 30 times better than a dog.  He continued walking steadily downstream.  He was covering the rough ground very quickly.

grizzly bear on the Atnarko

grizzly on the Atnarko



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