The days are much shorter: I need electric light at night and in the morning now.  It has continued to be stinking hot with frosts or almost frosts at night.  The stars, when I do my tai chi on the deck in the morning, are stunning.  The moon is growing.

new moonThe leaves are beginning to turn.

turning leaves at Ginty Creek.I now have a great volunteer from New Zealand.  Craig has done many things including corporate law: he is a journalist and one of his favourite subjects is interviewing crime writers.  He has connected with most of the greats like Michael Connelly and PD James.  As this is a genre I really enjoy, I find his stories fascinating.

A couple of days ago a friend came to visit.  I stayed with Doreen in Greater Vancouver earlier this year when recovering from knee replacement surgery.  Doreen has been to Nuk Tessli a couple of times and is a keen photographer and hiker.  I took both her and Craig onto the duney north bluffs.

Craig and DoreenThe desert-like landscape up there is fascinating.  This strawberry bite was the only flower we found as most are fried up with the frosts and drought.  How it can thrive in the sand is amazing.

strawberry bite at Ginty CreekThe weathered wood sculptured by the elements is always intriguing.

weathered woodA Clarkes Nutcracker screeched at us from a beetle-killed pine

Clarke's NutcrackerI liked the shape of these three dead trees.

beetle-killed pinesThe endless hot weather has come with very little wind.  We frequently found this track.  No paw prints; too erratic for a snake; seemed to come from a hole in the sand.  I have not found the track before: usually the wind destroys anything like that.

track and horsetailSome of the dune sculptures looked like slithering monsters

dune monsterHere is the spider tree

exposed lodgepole rootsA goat

goat driftwoodAnd a pteradactlyl!

pteradactyl driftwood



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2 thoughts on “Dunewalk”

  1. Great posts from your hike. So glad to know you are able to get out a bit.
    It’s bloody hot here in eastern Oregon, too. I’m looking forward to a little camping trip with my sister up the North Fork of the John Day River this week. A great respite after our big Pendleton Round-Up which ended on Saturday. Maybe we are all in for some cooler days toward the end of the week.

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