The 2013 Precipice Cattle Drive.

Since Fred moved into the Precipice a few years ago….

Fred Reidthe tote road down there has become liberally decorated with rock sculptures.

Precipice Rock SculpturesThe Precipice Valley is a fabulous place for birding.  The loud song of the northern water thrush is dominant.

northern water thrush

And this year I saw a white-fronted goose for the first time.

white-fronted goose

I misses last year’s cattle drive, but have been to many in the past, and this was the first wet one.

tracks on Precipice RoadThe cows had been well fed throughout winter, but they need fresh grass to fatten up and they were ready for their summer feed areas.

Precipice cowsAs usual, there were almost more cowboys than cows.

henry and aileen


aileen aloneThere was also liberal help from atvs and dogs.

Oz and LorraineRain put a stop to the usual music, but it didn’t prevent us having the traditional barbecue steaks!  Thanks Lee!

h steaks


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One thought on “The 2013 Precipice Cattle Drive.”

  1. Nice captures especially considering the photographer being somewhat limited with crutches and a new knee. It was a good weekend at the precipice.

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