Flowers of Ice




At around the time of the full moon we had part of a night and part of a day of thick fog.  This is not usual here.  The result was some rather amazing ice crystals.

window frost

cones and crystals

cyrystals on pine needles

I love it when the low winter light catches bits of vegetation and leaves the rest in shadow.

ice landscape backlit

4 bits of grass lit

These two seem to be having a conversation.

ice conversation

A grass seed head loaded down.

grass and ice crystals

Then the sun came out.

from the north bluff

The air was full of glittering ice crystals.  (Very difficult to photograph!)

ice glitter in air

But in shady places, the crystals lingered and grew even longer.

large crystals

crystals hanging

And more amazing!

huge crystals

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3 thoughts on “Flowers of Ice”

  1. Chris,

    Just finished reading Diary of a Wilderness Dweller, and after a brief internet search (to find other books you’ve written) found your blog. How marvelous! The pictures of the ice crystals in the 05/January blog were wonderful. My heart and soul ache for the wild places. Alas, I must remain in the small town in Western Massachusetts we call home. But, I can live vicariously through your work, pictures, and blog. The stone oven intrigues me. Wonder how different my bread would taste baked in one… I will continue to follow your blogs. I believe I will use your website to buy your books as well. (Charlie wants me to use the library, but I feel that by supporting you by buying your books, I am in some little way feeding my own habit – getting bits and pieces of the wild through your eyes. Actually, not so different from a baby bird receiving food slightly digested by it’s mother.) I will ask my library to order your books as well. I hope you can continue to live the way you choose. I love seeing how your place has grown, and matured over time. Reading your blogs while having my morning tea is such a lovely way to begin my day. Thanks.

  2. Hello Chris, my husband and I enjoyed your talk in Nanaimo very much. Our Christmas reading was your latest book “Ginty’s Ghost”. Your photographs of January 19, 2013 are delightful and beautiful. Thank you.
    We both look forward to a new book in the future. Enjoy winter. Yours truly, Anne Silins – Chemainus.

  3. These photos are wonderful, the second of the grasses in shadow and light reminds me of fireworks exploding in the sky! Lea

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