Mammaries 29 -31 July 2012 Part One

I am developing quite bad arthritis in both knees so have been finding the hikes quite painful and have not been able to cover the ground I had hoped this summer.  So it was a real treat to have Doron and friends, and my dogs, help me carry a 2-night camp to the top of Long Meadow, enabling me to explore the Mammaries at a leisurely pace.

Doron is in front, carrying part of my gear.

Badger doesn’t seem to care much about his pack

But Harry is somewhat more reluctant!

I put the tent in a tiny sheltered spot just below the last big clump of trees.  The place I used for my small fire is in the middle of the foreground, marked by the dogpacks.  (In the absence of tall trees to hang food in away from the bears, I keep cooking areas well away from the tent.  I have never had any trouble.)

Here is the view from the firepit.

In the afternoon I had ample leisure to explore around the camp.  Long Meadow was magnificent.

The less colourful, but equally dramatic false hellibore, a member of the lily family, reputedly the most deadly poisonous plant in Canada.

We were close to patches of snow, and the dogs had plenty of chances to cool off.


One thought on “Mammaries 29 -31 July 2012 Part One”

  1. Hello! I have read all your books but one; the one about the fire, and have been amazed at what you have done. Your photos are absolutely stunning. I had always loved the country, and as soon as my husband and I turned 55, we retired and had a home built in the woods. Not by us! We had it built for us!
    I’m so sorry your knees are painful now and you had to leave Nuk Tessli. It must have been heart-breaking to leave your log cabins.
    I started painting when I retired, and would like to try and paint from some of your photos, if you don’t mind. I don’t sell them; I just paint for enjoyment and sometimes give them away, if someone is really enthralled by a painting.
    Anyway, best of luck and I look foreward to buying your next book!
    Jane from Marmora Ontario

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