Nuk Tessli heatwave

We’ve been having a heatwave.  Temperatures have been recorded as 27C on one thermometre and 29C on another.

nuk tessli lake

There has been very little wind and the bugs have been terrible.  But it is very pretty.

The flowers in the local meadows are rushing ahead.  In this heat, they will be over soon.

The sticky onion is starting to bloom. (The seedheads belong to the mountain marsh marigold.)

And the arctic lupin

The butterwort is an insect eating plant.  Small bugs get stuck on the sticky coating of the leaves and are passively digested.

I always love the patter that the horsetails makes.  Note also the dew at the ends of the points on the sitka burnet leaves.

And the first paintbrushes are displaying their red leaves and bracts.


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