Boundary Lake July 16, 12

Yesterday, four of us canoed up the two lakes and walked to Boundary Lake.

canoeing at Nuk Tessli

It was still very hot, and the air was once again quite smokey, although this time the fires were closer, caused by lightening strikes half way between Nuk Tessli and Williams Lake.  They were small fires, though, and soon put out.

An eagle was sitting beside the nest, but there is not much activity there this year so I assume they did not produce young.

I call it Boundary Lake because it is right on the Tweedsmuir Park boundary.

En route we saw: Yellow heather (note the mosquito at the top)

Red heather,

Lots of lupins

and labrador tea.

It is always fun to pay a visit to the long-leaved sundew bog.  These plants, like the butterwort, are insect-eating.  They don’t seem to have caught much yet and it is too early for flowers, but the “dewy” leaves are fascinating.


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