Nuk Tessli is SOLD.

Finally, the official announcement!

This is going to be a scrappy post as I have been incredibly busy and all the information is on the Nuk Tessli site anyway.  Please check it out for details.

One thing is for sure, although I will obviously say goodbye to Nuk Tessli with mixed feelings, I for sure will LOVE not having to organize all the shopping and food and flights and people and stuff I need to do on the phone (there is no phone at Nuk Tessli) at this time of year, everything made vastly more complicated by my living so far from stores – and I still have a boghole to contend with, so only my truck can get home – my van has to stay parked near Highway 20.    Next year I can look forward to ENJOYING spring at Ginty Creek.


7 thoughts on “Nuk Tessli is SOLD.”

  1. Hi Chris: I’m so happy for you. Your well earned, well loved wilderness niche is now in the hands of very capable guys who share your passion & spirit for remote areas of the world. (what a resume he has)

    Looking forward to your latest book to add to my collection & your fall tour.

    Will always remember my 11 day adventure at Nuk Tessli (where I celebrated my 75th)


  2. So what are your plans for the future?
    I found a few books of you at the re-used shed years ago, and since them i read all your books and check every week your blog.
    So I am just wondering what will follow ……
    Have a wonderful summer
    Bianca, who is still searching for a buyer for our wilderness farm…..

  3. This summer will be bitter sweet at Nuk Tessli, letting go and transitioning to the next phase in your adventures. It looks like you have been blessed with new owners with the same values and passion for “their new place” as you.

  4. Chris, I feel sad you are leaving but happy for you. Hopefully the new owners will be just as adept at looking after the garden as you were. I will always remember my trip there in 2009 and all the beautiful wildflowers you showed me.

  5. So pleased you have eventually sold Nuk Tessli. Like Dave Peters above .. I to saw an article in a magazine and have followed you travels and adventures for many years, love all the photos and news.
    Good luck at Ginty Creek and I will follow your adventures and look forward to more photos and news.

  6. Congratulations, I know the feeling of parting with something that is “your baby”.You have provided me and many others with much entertainment and inspiration since I saw the article in BC magazine back in 2001 or 2. I am not a fan of anyone with one exception.

  7. Three days ago I was looking at a couple of your books in my book shelf and wondering how you were and whether you had sold – and then out of the blue an email from you today to say that you had. Such a strange coincidence.

    The photographs you have posted on your blog are magical – thank you.

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