Mixed weather at Ginty Creek.

It is definitely warmer.  Some days we don’t even have a frost in the morning.  Bits of rain have given us morning mists.

And Middle Mountain doing a Mt Fuji imitation.

Sorry about the lack of words – I have been super busy.  (Or maybe you prefer pictures alone!)  (Hope you are not bored with the same old mountains – I can’t resist photographing every change of light.)


One thought on “Mixed weather at Ginty Creek.”

  1. Chris. congratulations on the sale of Nuktessli, now I hope you will be able to enjoy the summer months without bothering about paying visitors. Enjoy you new home at Ginty Creek. My husband and I, and five grandchildren ( I should call them late teenagers) look forward to your new book coming out.

    Enjoy some free time and look after yourself. Best wishes. Anne Silins in Chemainus. Van. Is.

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