North Pass Meadows 19 August 2011 Part One

The North Pass Meadows are the green patches on the steep slope behind North Pass Lake.

north pass meadows(The black thing in the water is Badger having a swim.)

After several stormy days the forecast promised sun.  I paddled up the lake to Beach Creek, followed closely by a loon.

common loonThere was clear sky and a frost in the morning, but it rapidly warmed up and clouded over, becoming probably the hottest day of the year.  I would guess the temperature peaked around 22C  (some years it locks into 30C for days on end.)  The comparatively windless, warm weather brought out the bugs that have been fairly inhibited so far this season.  Here is Badger’s fur –

flies on Badger's fur

And I wore my serious bug net, a concoction I have designed over the years, always striving for the perfect net, but nothing really does the trick.  The newly hatched fall blackflies are small enough to get through the netting and sometimes I had more inside than out.

bug net

As expected, the subalpine flowers were making quite a good show in patches.

subalpine flowers

common red paintbrush

Anvil Mt




One thought on “North Pass Meadows 19 August 2011 Part One”

  1. Chris your pictures are awesome….Thanks for sharing the beautiful place you live in…..
    Jan Strudwick

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