Suddenly it’s Summer

Suddenly it’s summer and the world is thick and green.

wetlands near the McClinchy RiverThe cattle drive weekend had beautiful weather but otherwise it has mostly been gloomy.

rain over the Klinaklini riverWe have had an unusual amount of rain and a lot of dull weather this spring.  In fact we have had mostly cloudy weather since last September – several sunless records have been broken.  Highway 20 has been damaged in several places by floodwaters engendered by the rain.

road flooded by excessive rainBut on Monday 6th my lake in the mountains was still frozen solid and the McClinchy River, which is largely snowfed, and which has its headwaters near Nuk Tessli, is still well below flood levels.

This river is the McClinchyThere must be a lot of snow in the mountains still.


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