Nuk Tessli spring part one.

This morning was a rare sunny day.  At cabin level at Nuk Tessli, things at last are happening.  Mountain Marsh Marigolds are abundant.

mountain marsh marigoldsGlobe flowers are peeping through besides Sitka valarian leaves.

white globe flowerPussy willows (Variable Willow) are finally flowering.

And slide alder cascade in a golden rain along Nuk Tessli’s  waterfront.

slide alder along the waterfrontTwo mornings ago, a group of Barrow’s Goldeneyes congregated on a small island.  They seemed to want to walk along the log then plop in the water, upon which another would climb on the log.  They went round and round for quite a while.  There was a nest in a snag on the island last year.  Maybe it is all the young ones returning.

Barrows Goldeneyes




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