3 thoughts on “Moonset, Sunrise”

  1. So, so, beautiful…wwoofer Sam (Just Sam), I am so happy for you…what an experience! We miss you so much and can’t wait ’til you return:) Love, Sue

  2. Hi Chris !!
    Beautiful pictures as always. I don’t write much but I always
    make my coffee, get cozy and check out your site here…it relaxes me.
    Your pictures are always a treat. You would never guess I learn bushcraft
    and lived in the out doors much of my life by looking at my picture. I’m
    Monika Andre on facebook, but I can’t access my facebook page for some
    reason. Facebook is looking into it.
    I’ve been looking into finding my own ‘Penny’ or waiting for her to find me !
    I too am a worrywort…a big one.
    Lots of Hugs, Monika

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