Building a Stone Oven Part Two

Stone Oven Foundation

We ended up with this foundation.  It is about an inch higher than the floor as eventually there will be wooden boards on top of the plywood.

foundation for stone ovenI wanted to use the old stove door and the first thing was to establish exactly where it had to go, and how to hold it solidly in place while we built the rest of the stove around it.  Good job I have a rough plywood floor so I can nail things into it.

Door for the Stone Oven

door for the stone oven at Ginty CreekThanks to muscle-man Mogens, I can incorporate some huge boulders into the design.  Here is Mogens manouvering the stove base into place.

Base for the stone oven at Ginty Creek

The stone oven floor is being moved into place

And here he is cementing it.

Mogens cementing the base for the stone oven

That all happened yesterday.  Today Mogens shifted an extremely heavy rock we found along the road to Highway 20.  It will make one of the walls of the stone oven at Ginty Creek.

First wall of the stone oven at Ginty Creek.

first wall on stone oven at Ginty CreekWe had to build another scaffold to hold it.  Just to be on the safe side we are going to wait two days before we remove the scaffolding.  We will have to do that before we can start to build the other walls.



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