Booksigning at Tatla Lake Library

Booksigning at Tatla Lake

Last Wednesday we went to John Schreiber’s Booksigning at the Tatla Lake Library.  John was promoting his second book, anecdotes of the area mostly around Tatla Lake and other parts of the Chilcotin, called Old Lives.  It is published by Caitlin Press.

Cover of "Old Lives"

John Schreiber

Here is John’s bio:

John Schreiber
Author of Old Lives

John Schreiber grew up in coastal logging communities and—for five formative, young years—in the North Thompson Valley north of Kamloops. He has worked extensively in the logging industry, in a mining camp, on a seine fishboat, in a pulp mill, as a parole officer and as a teacher-counselor for 27 years. Since the late ’60s he has walked, driven and ridden through the Chilcotin region many times. Now retired, he lives in Victoria with his partner, Marne. His earlier collection of stories from the Chilcotin, Stranger Wycott’s Place, was published in 2008 by New Star Books.

There was a fun turnout of locals, most of whom knew John.  The Author is squatting in the foreground.   (I can’t seem to make this text bigger!)

Booksigning at the Tatla Lake Library

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  1. This photo brought back such a lovely memory of the welcoming and interesting people of Tatla Lake and of the good vibe of the reading at the Tatla Lake Library . Thanks for sending this momento, Chris, and thanks for your interest in John’s new book Old Lives. Too bad you and Joe and Katie Shuk didn’t get in the picture! It was wonderful to finally get to meet you.
    We are back in Victoria now and the sounds of the yellow-headed blackbirds, soras, marsh rustlings and gathering calves and cow-moms are fading!

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