Another trip to Anahim Lake

Two days and nights of strong winds have opened up my pond.

the ice has gone from the lower pond at Ginty Creek.

I had to make another trip to Anahim Lake yesterday.  Saw all kinds of wildlife.

A red-tailed hawk:

redtail hawk by highway 20 on the Chilcotin

Despite the winds, there were no cracks in the ice at Nimpo Lake.  The pool where I saw the swans on voting day (previous post) was no larger, but now the osprey has arrived.

osprey near Nimpo Lake on the Chilcotin

But most exciting of all were two mountain cariboo on – of all places – Cariboo Flats, which is about half way between my turnoff and Nimpo Lake on highway 20 on the Chilcotin.

cariboo along Highway 20 on the Chilcotin



One thought on “Another trip to Anahim Lake”

  1. HI Chris !
    I’m living my life vicariously through you.Yep here in noisy Calgary. It’s a treat to see your pictures. It’s my time to relax and spend some time with you.I have yet to read 2 more of your books and I do enjoy them so much ! I always imagine living like you…I have for years. It makes me wonder why I don’t spend time with you.Ahh but yes…the horrifying fear of bears. Of course over here my friend got mugged badly the other day.He woke up beaten up and didn’t even know where he was. So I guess the bears might be a better option, if you don’t get too close.
    Chris?? How do you not fear where you are? I’m such a chicken poop !
    Hugs 🙂

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