Getting warmer!

Plus 9C today!  We finally reached the record temperature in the January thaw.

Minus 9C this morning.  There is still enough snow on shady slopes and in the forest that makes it difficult to walk when the temperature is above freezing, so I left early for the North Bluff.

View from North Bluff at Ginty Creek



Now that the snow has gone from their sunny slopes, you can see that the bluffs are basically sand dunes.

weathered wood on the north bluffs at Ginty Creek

Some of the trees have lost the sand around their roots and look like spiders.  It is amazing that they can still survive.

a tree on the dunes near Ginty Creek

It is wonderful to walk without heavy snowshoes on my feet and I could easily go much further.  There are several silt cliffs along the North Bluffs, but this one is the biggest.  it slides right down to the river.

The big slide at ginty CreekA game trail wanders close to the edge.  Some of it has fallen in.  I expect the fall floods pulled more land into the river there.  (The brown stuff is Juniper.  It will green up when the sun gets its juices flowing.)


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  1. Dear Chris, I would like to take a few minutes on this Easter Sunday to thank you for your wonderful books. I have all your books and each has been read and re-read many times. I now enjoy your reading your ‘blogs’. My husband and I are following the up-dates on the progress of your new home. We look forward to your new book. What an interesting life you have, you stepped away from what most people call ‘normal’ and trod your own path. We tip our hats to you and your life.
    Thank you, Anne Silins, Chemainus, B.C.

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