glorious day

We’ve had several days of cloud, cold winds, and flurries.

late April flurries at Ginty Creek

(It hasn’t actually rained since January.)

Then last night, at sundown, the cloud cracked apart to allow a dramatic spotlight to shine on the trees behind the pond.

the pond at Ginty Creek at sunsetAnd this morning was glorious.

glorious morning at Ginty Creek

I went for a long hike.  Butterflies were everywhere.  I saw three species, but the commonest was the Mourning Cloak.

Mourning Cloak butterfly

A few aspen catkins were beginning to show.

aspen catkins at Ginty CreekI walked further along the bush road than I have ever been before and came upon a derelict cabin.  Packrats had nested in the stove.  I was much amused by a mop that had been hung on a wire from the roof to keep it away from mice and squirrels.  (I have done the same myself.)  The mop was in perfect condition.  I wonder when it was last used to mop the floor!

derelict cabin

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  1. Hi chris, good photos of the sunshine on the tree,s, it’s the best time of the year spring, new lease of live every were, still reading your books, they are excellent,

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