April Moon

When the full moon sets the sun rises, more or less.  If conditions are right, it is possible to have pink mountains underneath the moon.  Every full moon this year I have hoped for a clear morning, but the storms always hid the mountains.

This morning was the first time that I could see the moon setting.

The full moon setting over Finger Peak

Unfortunately, cloud in the northeast prevented the sun from putting any colour on the mountains, and even before it set, the moon was swallowed up by cloud so that only a ghost of a moon was showing.

ghost moon over Finger Peak

Before the wind got up, I went down to the lower property to burn one of the scrap piles.  The lower property is full of derelict barns and trash that I am slowly cleaning up.

burning rotten wood at Ginty Creek

I was intrigued at how the snow had melted around this old tire, making a snow mushroom in the middle.

snow melting round an old tire at Ginty Creek

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