Gorgeous Weather

Unknown peak seen from Ginty Creek
One of the peaks seen from my window at Ginty Creek on the Chilcotin

For 2 days we have had gorgeous weather.  It has been such a dull winter so far.  This was a real treat.

I snowshoed over to the river.

The McClinchy River at Ginty CreekThere is more open water than usual at this time of year because of the very mild weather we have had through January and most of February.

My property is between where I am standing and the snowy hill in the middle distance  on the left.  I call the snowy hill the south bluffs; today I am going up the north bluffs.

The snowshoeing is divine.  The thaws have meant that the base is firm; the extra  8 inches is perfect powder.

High on the south bluffs near Kleena Kleene

This is only a part of the panoramic view.  The diagonal white patch on the middle left is Highway 20.   The streak on the middle right is a frozen lake.

Part of the panorama seen from the south bluffs at Kleena Kleene

At the end of the day was one of the very rare clear sunsets we have had this year.

Sunset from my window at Ginty Creek
Sunset from my window

On the shortest day, the sun goes down way to the left of Finger Peak.  Now it is hitting Noghwon’s shoulder.

The trade-off for this fabulous weather?  It is a little chilly in the morning.

frost on the woodshed window


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  1. I snowshoed for the first time this month… I turned 60 last summer and decided I was going to do something every month I always wanted to do. I bought myself snowshoes for Christmas, took a guided snowshoe hike at Mt. Rainer in January and joined the Tacoma Mountaineers Club. February began with an evening orientation and a hike next weekend up in the Cascades.

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