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Chimneys and the sailing canoe

Another job for the new wwoofers at Nuk Tessli was to sweep one chimney…

sweeping Nuk Tessli's chimneys…..(Rachel on the left, and Sam on the right)…..

…..and repair another that had been damaged by snow.

repairing a chimney at Nuk TessliBut not all wwoofing time is work.  Sam thought he would try and fix a sail to one of my canoes.  He had been sailing only once before, and had not canoed until he came to Nuk Tessli, but he had kayaked a lot.

He constructed a remarkable rig with a tarp, rope and binder twine!

rigging a sail on a canoe

Then he prepared to launch it.  I figured the heavy mast would flip the canoe at once and I stood by with another canoe ready to go, with a long rope and knife in case of problems.

launching the sailing canoe at Nuk TessliTo my utter amazement it worked like a charm!

sailing the canoe at Nuk Tessli(He had a hard time paddling back up into the wind, though!)