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More dry-land flowers at Ginty Creek


summer at Ginty CreekThe flowers here do not grow in showy masses as they do in the mountains.  The roses have been wonderful.

wild roaseHere they are with a few paintbrushes.

paintbrush and wild roaseAnd here with one of the three species of Potentilla I have so far found.

wild rose and potentilla gracilisA dominant weedy shrub is the silver-leafed wolf willow.

wolf willowIt has small greenish blossoms that give off a heavenly scent.

wolf willow closeupThe other flowers are mostly scattered and small.

Priarie buttercup.

prairie buttercupLance-leaved stonecrop.

lance leaved stone cropThe first fireweed is blooming along the river.

fireweedIntroduced species thrive: such as this yellow hawkweed.

yellow hawkweedOne gem I found in the forest.  It is the only specimen I have so far seen.  It is a pyrola, or winter-green, but I am not sure of the species (my books are all packed because of the half-finished interior.)  At first I thought it was P. chlorantha, which grows at Nuk Tessli, but I now think it might be P. grandiflora, which I have never seen before.  So that would be exciting.

Pyrola grandiflora



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