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Trailwork at Nuk Tessli

At the end of the baking day, two more wwoofers arrived.  Rob and Laura are Canadian; they have just finished a course on Chinese medicine, and Rob is a Feldenkrais practitioner.  Good news for my aching knees!

Every spring I try and walk all the trails and cut out brush and windfalls.

brushing out trails at Nuk TessliYesterday we hiked to a higher trail.  After a brief warming, the weather turned absolutely foul again.

First we walked around the lake.  Here are the Grants crossing the biggest of the 7 bridges I have built.

the biggest bridge at Nuk TessliNot much higher than my lake, we encountered wild winds and flurries.  Here is a rare glimpse of part of Wilderness Mountain.  Most of the time it was hidden by falling snow.

Wilderness MountainRain is always beautiful on lupin leaves.  (That is a globe flower in the middle.)

lupin leaves spangled with rain