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1 clearing weather 1While Sarah was still here (see previous post) the weather started to clear.

A cold spell was forecast – first we got fog.

3 morning fogThe sun, when it was revealed, set on the west side of Middle Mountain.3a sun set right of Middle MtLast Monday, Sarah drove me to Williams Lake on her way home, and I picked up the truck.  There was a hole in the sky above Finger Peak.

4 back from townThe mountain looks more pointy from this angle.

5 finger peakThen we were promised a solid week of sun without a cloud in the sky.  And we actually got it! With night temperatures to Minus 24C (That’s about -5 American.) Day temps rose to about -6C, but the sun was fabulous.  Often November is a dreary month but this spell has been absolutely wonderful.

The pond froze over at once.

6 frozen pondIn a couple of days, ice flowers formed.

7 ice flowersThe ice could bear the dogs’ weight.

7a harry on pondThe ice flowers were fascinating.

8 ice flowers 1

9 ice flowers 2

10 ice flowers 3The little creek between the ponds is still flowing.  It runs where the sun don’t shine.

11 creekVery soon, the sun no longer cleared Middle Mountain when it set.  The rim of fire is caused by backlit blowing snow.

12 fire rim on middle mtI visited the river after the first night of frost.

13 river IMG_0766Bits of ice were already collecting along the edge.

14 ice on river

15 shore ice MG_0771


16 shore ice on twig


17 splash iceIt didn’t seem to bother Harry, though.

18 harry in riverFrom the gravel bar I could look back to the river cabin.  Quite a few people have answered the for sale ad.  Most people are looking for a property that is less wild, though.   Only two people so far have loved the place the way I do.

19 cabin

Today, after 6 days of identical weather, I went down to the river again.  There was a lot more ice on it and it had spread over the gravel bars.

McClinchy River

IMG_0866A different ice formation had formed along the edge.

IMG_0870I have not had much time for hiking, though.  I have been working hard burning brush that was left by the road after windfalls or cutting trees for firewood.  It was too risky to burn it before I left for the book tour.  This cold, dry, fairly windless weather is ideal for burning. (Where are those wwoofers when I need them?) Trouble is, all the neighbours think the same and the air is as full of smoke as it was during the summer.

20 smokeIt made for some interesting lighting effects.

21 burning

22 smoke light 1jpg

23 smoke light 2 IMG_0845And the sun set red into the pollution.  (The mountains are there somewhere!)24 smoke sunset