More Bits and Pieces at Ginty Creek.

21 thundery eveningThis thundery evening sky introduces another post of bits and pieces at Ginty Creek.  My long gap may have had you thinking that I was not doing any work, but in fact life has been hectic.  Many jobs were just a day or two here and there, so not usually all that photogenic.

I was going to town so a volunteer at a neighbour’s place was dropped off with me for a day so I could give him a ride in.  Naturally I put him to work – his job was trail-clearing.

1 trail clearingIn town I picked up more 2 x 6s and Jimmy from New Jersey, whom I put to work finishing the yurt deck.

2 finishing deck

3 deck doneThe outhouse was also finished…

4 outhouse 1…even to putting the coffee can inside for the toilet paper.

5 outhouse 2When I rebuilt the house deck, I left the part near the door, because I want to build a greenhouse over it and use sun-warmed rocks as a heater, consequently extra foundations had to be put underneath.

6 house deck foundation

Jimmy is screwing down the last board

7 house deck 2IMG_5634Et Voila!  (the greenhouse will come to the join of the boards.)

7a house deck doneWe also bucked up the last two pickup loads of wood for the woodshed.  By the last tree, I saw a flash of yellow beside a pond.  Walking into the clearing I found a wonderful display of Monkey Flowers.

8 monkey flower 1The pond had a tiny bit of muddy water in it.

9 monkeyflower 2In which grew pondweeds,

10 pondweedAnd in which were imprinted baby bear footmarks.  No adult bear tracks in sight.  Trust the baby to want to play in the mud….

11 bear printsA few days after Jimmy arrived, we went to a Tatla Lake farmers market.  There were relishes…

12 relishes…Saddles and other horse gear

13 sadlesDiscard books from the library…

14 library book saleAnd heritage chickens and turkeys.

15 heritage chickensEntertainment was Golden Oldies.

15a golen oldiesMy garden is overblown and lacy with worms, but has done well for me.  The sunflower seeds planted by the birds and chipmunks make it cheerful.  The smaller daisies are an interesting salad green I got from West Coast Seeds – an edible chrysanthemum.  It has thrived in my cold climate.  (Five frosts in July and more in August.)  Even the arugula and mustard flowers add colour – they are tasty in themselves and the bees love them.

16 garden

I have also been drying herbs.  From the left at back: thyme, chervil, cilantro, summer savoury, and in the foreground a large basket of wild peppermint from my (very dry!) wetland.

17 drying herbsThe chipmunks are harvesting as well.  I planted rye to try and keep the dust down (and clover, but I did not have water to spare and it wouldn’t grow) and the chipmunk loves sitting on my rockery and nibbling the seedheads.

18 chipmunk 1

19 chipmunk 2The grasses that have grown on the bottom of the dry ponds are also golden with seed.

20 golden pondAnd finally I had to share yet another sunrise.

22 sunrise 1

23 sunrise 2

24 sunrise 3


3 thoughts on “More Bits and Pieces at Ginty Creek.”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your life in the wild with us. It’s great to be able to follow someone in the wild even from Europe. 😉


  2. Well hello, I was wondering where you were. So nice to see your garden, looks pretty impressive to me. Can’t wait to see the greenhouse. By the way you do know your “amazing”! I would love to live your life style but also way to “Chicken”. Nice to see it in your eyes. Eagerly awaiting your next post.

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