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My dog Badger in snow at Ginty Creek
My dog Badger

We’ve had the most terrible thaw.

When I went to pick up mail and groceries last Wednesday, I was surprised how little snow there was at Nimpo Lake.  But when I arrived home I found the snow around my house had been dramatically reduced as well.  That night a hot wind banged and bumped around the house.  At first light, which is usually the coldest part of the night, the thermometre outside the back door registered plus 7 degrees Centigrade. The Puntzi weather station was getting its promised freeze: it was -13C there.

We often get thaws in January – sometimes they last for weeks.  But this was a bad one. The yard was a horrible mess of slick, packed ice and mud.  The surface of the snow was littered with pine needles and other debris blown about by the winds.  At least one tree was blown down.

The temperature remained the same all that day.  Chickadees were singing their spring songs.  The wind continued to batter and roar; there was sun as well in between clouds and this created a real meltdown.  Two feet of snow was reduced to 8 inches.  I should have waited before I got the road ploughed.  I might have been able to drive out without it.

The next night was calmer and the temperature dropped to just below freezing.  It snowed a couple of inches so at least it hid the mess.  It was supposed to be sunny yesterday but although it wasn’t cold, a lid of freezing fog clamped down all day.  A tiny window opened behind Finger Peak at sundown.

sunset from window at Ginty Creek
Sundown behind Finger Peak

During the night, the sky became diamond clear.

At sunrise, the mountains turned pink.

january sunrise from the window at Ginty Creek
Sunrise on Nogwhon

The temperature was -27C .  Puntzi boasted -34C.

3 thoughts on “More Weather”

  1. I still love the posts (it’s a pleasant surprise when I find that theres a new one) but the picture of Badger is the winner here – he seems so at one with his world.

  2. Been a few years since I interupted your solitude.I keep up on your newsletters,and now this blog is like a morning news for us.So thankful you’re willing to share your life with everyone.We too are experiencing weather very similar to yours up here in Prince George.Irratical and scary to say the least,to wonder how the plant life will adapt,or not…

  3. I am enjoying your new site very much! The picture of “Sunrise on Nogwhon” is spectacular. It takes me back to the morning sunrise we shared and were so inspired by at Nuk Tessli. You certainly have your trials but your strenght and humour always get you through it all. Say Hi to Badger and Harry from me. Keep up this great web site.

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