Harry Ready for Mailing

Harry is ready for mailing.  Now that the post office is functioning again, I have not only received a box of Harry: A Wilderness Dog Saga, but also am able to mail them out.  A few of you have already written to order them, and I’ll reply to you with mailing prices, probably tomorrow.

For those who wish to know the process, these are the steps.

  1.  First I need your postal mailing address so I can work out the cost of mailing.  This will vary from about $10 to $18 CAD depending on where you are.  The book itself sells for $22.95 CAD
  2. Payment can be made by Interac (I have given up on Paypal – too much spam) or via cheque.  (a)  For Interac, you go into your online banking account, select Interac payment, and inform me by the email address used on the contact page.  (b) to send me a cheque, use the address: Box 18, Kleena Kleene, BC, V0L 1R0

Please note that I will be leaving for Harry’s book tour at the end of September and won’t be home until early November.  It will be awkward to mail books while travelling as I need a printer and would have to configure my laptop to everyone else’s printers.

3 thoughts on “Harry Ready for Mailing”

  1. Oh, my goodness Chris I just finished re-reading Wilderness Fire as I sit at home waiting to see if I will get an evacuation alert notice like my neighbours not so far down the road have… I decided to check in on you and had no idea that you were affected by fire again !! I am in the Kamloops fire district and it is called the Finlay creek fire … probably spelled it wrong again – fire is between Summerland where I live and Peachland so they named it for where it started, I guess, I move my bag from the car to the house and don’t go from home for long because I have a dog to take with me. You never know or understand until you live it, do you? I think you still have my name and address – I will pay by check and I must have Harry !

  2. Harry is ready for mailing and I’m ready for Harry. My mailing address hasn’t changed but here it is anyway. Toni Reimer
    309 1745 Leighton Rd
    Victoria BC V8R 6R6
    I will send you a cheque when I know how much you want. Thanks Chris.

    You’ve had quite a time with these fires and now it is really hot! Hot for Victoria anyway. We started getting the smoke again today and it made for a pretty pink sunset. It should all be over within this month I should think.

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