Anahim Lake Stampede 2015

1 bull and signThe 2015 Anahim Lake Stampede parade was led by RCMP officers in full dress uniform.  But where are their horses???

2 paradeGetting ready for the first event.

3 getting ready jpgThe clown who will distract an irate animal when nedessary.

4 clownThe saddle bronc competition.  This guy had a good ride.  They get points for keeping one hand in the air, and for having their spurs on the animal’s neck.

4 saddle bronc 1

5 saddle bronc 2Problem is, even if you stay on for 10 seconds, the only way to get off is usually to fall!

The steer wrestling involved having to launch yourself off a galloping horse at a galloping steer, grab its horns, and fling it to the ground.

6 steer wrestling 1It was a little uncertain as to who was wrestling whom.

7 steer on groundNow for the calf roping.  The man on the right is the father of 5 girls, one of his daughters is twirling the rope.  All the family live for horses.

8 ready for ropingOut of the gate they come.

9 calf roping 1Got him!

10 got hmNow the horse must stand and pull back on the rope while the rider runs to secure the calf.

11 calf roping 2

12 calf rope 3Another sister – using the same horse.

13 calf rope 2a

14 cal rope 2b

15 calf rope 2cAnother really hot day.  Not much shelter on the bleachers.

16 audience

16a cowboy hatsThese kids were having a great time in the shade of their mum’s umbrella.

17 little kidsA more “traditional” sport for the women is the barrel racing (at which the horse-loving family did not compete!)

18 barrelo 1This little girl, whom I remember competing last year, is fearless.  She looks about 9.

19 little girl barrelThere were quite a number of entries for the cow riding.

23 white cow 2

24 white cow 3At the Precipice Cattle Drive Party, I met a volunteer, called Lucas, from Germany.  He and the rancher and market gardeners, plus all their volunteers, had come to the rodeo, and somehow poor Lucas was co-ersed into having a go.  He was given a helmet, cowboy boots, and a 10-second lesson as to what to do.

24a preparing lucas

He’s away!

25 lucas oneFour seconds later…

26 lucas downHe lasted longer than some of the other contestants.  I could not persuade my volunteers to try it!

The last event is the bull riding.  Like the bucking horses, these animals are trucked from rodeo to rodeo.  Most of the time they lead a life of happy decadence, eating and sleeping.

27 resting bullThey have to put up with this annoyance for 10 seconds max!

28 bull ridingThen they trot off back to their corral.

29 done for the day






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  1. Great action shots . Looks like a lot of fun! I hope no humans or animals are harmed in these frolics.

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